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    1.4Gbps 5GHz PTP LINK

    4x4 MIMO, Interference Mitigation, 1+1 Redundancy


    • 1.4 Gbps data throughput

    • 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM, 160MHz

    • Optimized over long distance

    • ACM, ATPC, GPS synch

    • GUI management via WiFi

    • RF Interference canceler

    • 1+1 hot standby option

    • 700Mbps network capacity​

    • Precise packet scheduler

    • BW management, QoS

    • GPS synchronization

    • Adaptive U/D time slot ratios

    • GUI management via WiFi

    • RF Interference canceler

    • 10 Gbps Full duplex capacity

    • up to 256QAM, 1250 MHz BW

    • 20Gbps - load-balancing (2+0)

    • ACM, ATPC, 256AES, XPIC

    • Ultra-low option available

    • 5GHz hot standby link option

    • 64-71GHz unlicensed option

    • Carrier-class edge networks

    • Interference-free reliability

    • 2x2 MIMO, TDMA

    • 850 Mbps per sector

    • Precise packet scheduler

    • BW management, GPS Sync 

    • Co / Overlap channel use

    • 2.7Gbps per transceiver

    • Field replaceable diplexer

    • 4096QAM, 160MHz BW

    • ACM, ATPC, XPIC, 256AES

    • Digital pre-distortion technique

    • 2X capacity with single radio

    • 4.4 (NATO) 26/28, 32/42 GHz

    • Carrier-class reliability

    • Link distance up to 20 km

    • 720Mbps capacity, aggregate

    • Full duplex, 3.5 to 56MHz BW

    • One radio unit for entire band 

    • Compact, light weight (2.5kg) 

    • Mobile-app based installation


    With almost 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience, Solectek continues to be at the forefront of the broadband wireless industry. Solectek product portfolio ranges from sub-GHz to 80GHz in frequency and up to 10Gbps capacity. Operating worldwide with an extensive network of partners, our customers base includes enterprise, government users to wireless ISP and large carriers.   Our focus is on providing the right wireless network solution for each customer's application and needs.



    New Product

    • MPX Series: 31, 38-40 GHz High Capacity Multipoint System (Feb 25)

    • XM Series: New Frequency Options with 4.4GHz, 28GHz, 32GHz and 42GHz (Feb 9)

    • Miramar2: Low Cost, 5GHz PTP and Multipoint Systems for ISPs (Partners only - Jan 18)

    • EB Series: introduction of 64-71GHz option, newly opened unlicensed bands (Jan 8) 


    • WP - Advantage of Multipoint in Licensed Bands (Feb 26)

    • WP - Bare Truth about Achieving 1Gbps with Microwave Link (Feb 22)

    • New revisions of KM Series Guides (Partners Only - Feb 19)  



    Click here to see application case studies of select Solectek customers. 




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