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    24GHz Unlicensed PTP

    Carrier Class Reliability:

    Unlike other products in the market, CM24 PTP link inherits the carrier-class licensed microwave design, with industrial grade components, rugged filters and rigorous factory testing. The result is extreme reliability in all types of weather and RF conditions. 

    Long Distance up to 20km:

    24GHz, as an unlicensed band, has restrictions in terms of EIRP limit (e.g. 33dBm for US FCC). By using a wide range for Tx Power, CM24 PTP link can make use of larger antennas and increase the link distance within the regulatory limit. The result is 67% more link distance than other radios and a reliable operation can be maintained up to 20km.  

    720Mbps Link Capacity:

    A full even in severe RF conditions. ATPC keeps the Tx power at the optimum power so that any excess Tx does not cause RF interference. Lower Tx power also keeps the power consumption lower and increases radio lifetime.

    Ease of Deployment:

    There is only one radio hardware for the entire band (regardless of low/high band), simplifying the logistics and maintenance. The form factor is compact and lightweight at 2.5kg (5.5 lbs), which reduces tower loading and other installation requirements.

    Mobile App-Based installation via WiFi

    Custom mobile app is available for antenna alignment and status monitoring. Smartphone or tablet is the only tool need for installation via WiFi access, available via USB port on the radio. 

    Flexible RF Configuration:

    CM24 PTP links are designed to be flexible in most RF configuration needs arising from different regions and applications. Channel BW can vary from 3.5 to 56MHz, TR spacing can be selected from 60 to 90MHz, and Tx power has a range of -30 to 10dBm.