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24GHz Unlicensed PTP

Carrier Class Reliability:

Unlike other products in the market, KM24 PTP link inherits the carrier-class licensed microwave design, with industrial grade components, rugged filters and rigorous factory testing. The result is extreme reliability in all types of weather and RF conditions. 

Longest Link Distance in the market

One of KM24 PTP link's primary advantages is longer distances than other 24GHz products in the market and longer distances than 60GHz. Effective link distance (99.99% availability) in New York City is 2.5 miles (4km) while maintaining 1Gbps FDD capacity.

1Gbps Full Duplex Link Capacity:

Through the use of higher-order modulation up to 4096QAM and large BW up to 200MHz, KM24 can achieve 1Gbps full duplex speed. Small packet performance is just as good as large packet performance.

Asymmetric FD Channel Configuration:

Unlike most full duplex radio links, KM24's channel size can be independently configured in each direction, according to your traffic pattern. You can enjoy the full benefit of FDD (e.g. low latency) while retaining the flexibility of TDD. 

Ease of Deployment:

There is only one radio hardware SKU for the entire band (same for low/high band), simplifying logistics and maintenance. The form factor is compact and lightweight at 2.5kg (5.5 lbs), which reduces tower loading and other installation requirements. Power Consumption is only 22W, easily powered by solar.

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