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6-38 GHz Microwave


A A single radio link with one transceiver is capable of carrying up to 2.7 Gbps. For more capacity, a dual-transceiver radio can carry 5.5 Gbps. What makes this possible are industry-leading features such as 4096QAM modulation, wideband support up to 160MHz BW, plus two sub-channel operation per transceiver that doubles link capacity. 

Field Replaceable Diplexers:

Microwave radios have had many subbands with a long list of hardware part numbers to go with it. No more. With the diplexer flexibility, only one radio part number per frequency band -  not even a low and high radio unit. This "one SKU" feature makes it easy for dealers to have local stocks and for network project managers to have spare radios on site. 

User Friendly Interfaces:

For radios that carry multi-gigabit Ethernet traffic, the physical interfaces to the network also must be upgraded as well. Radio interface options include 10G SFP+, 2.5G SFP, 1G SFP, HDMI, RJ-45 (POE), and direct DC input 

Flexible Configurations:

The radio architecture allows for a rich variety of configurations. Each radio unit can be a single carrier or dual carrier (2x2 MIMO). Combined with another radio unit enables 1+1 or 2+2 HSB, 2+0, and 4+0 (4x4 MIMO) where built-in load balancing engine will automatically take care of traffic loads evenly.

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