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5 GHz Unlicensed

600Mbps Data Throughput

The radio link has a data throughput of 600Mbps (80MHz BW) per PTP link or per multipoint sector. Deployment of multiple multipoint sectors will increase the available capacity significantly.

Flexible PTP or Multipoint Configurations

Each radio unit can be configured as a multipoint base station, multipoint client unit or a PTP radio unit via software control in the field. This makes it easy to convert ES II radio unit as the user's network configuration changes over time.

Multipoint Polling Protocol

For Efficiency in multipoint networks using Essence II is greatly enhanced by using proprietary polling protocol. Each base station can control the traffic to and from each client unit in a deterministic way. Bandwidth that each client uses can be controlled or limited by the base station.

Base Station Controller

Management can be done via web GUI for individual radio or via Solectek NMS controller where the entire network can be viewed in a single console with the ability to drill down to monitor each radio's performance.

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