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Need for Ultra Low Latency:

Certain applications such as rapid financial transactions require transmitting data with negligible delays. Wireless links for these “ultra low latency” applications are particularly useful because of lower latency compared with traditional transmission mechanism such as cable and fiber lines.

Layer-1 Transport:

Solectek low latency PTP links are designed to eliminate all delays associated with packet processing. Processing delays include packet switching, layer 2/3 protocols, and other packet handling by software. The result is a pure Layer-1 transport link with very little delays associated with physical circuitry.  

Ultra Low Latency Redefined:

Latency over a PTP path due to radio hardware is less than 50ns, a figure that is negligible compared to other propagation delays. Given that the propagation delays over air is shorter than any other physical medium (cable or fiber), Solectek low latency wireless links should have the lowest delay in transmitting packets between two points.

High TX Power

High Tx power up to 25dBm available at the antenna port helps extend the link distance.  

Remote management

Monitoring of the radio link is tricky in low latency applications because all such efforts must be separately from the actual data path. Solectek low latency radios offer a rich set of management tools, including loopback tests.

90GHz Frequency Option

Solectek offers a custom development option for 90GHz for customers that have radio link co-location problems. 90GHz will offer clean channels that could increase the capacity at your hub sites. 

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