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70/80GHz PTP Link


The use of advance modem technology enables a transparent transport of 10Gbps Ethernet. Now, a backbone ring comprised of partially or entirely of 10Gbps wireless links is possible. 

Reliability - ACM and 5GHz Backup Path:

ACM increases the uptime in the event of rain fade. In addition, the use of a secondary 5GHz radio enables "always-on" connectivity even in extreme weather conditions. A built-in protocol will automatically switch to the backup path in the event of main link degradation. 

Latest Advances in Radio Technology:

The higher speed is achieved by implementing 256QAM over 2000 MHz channel BW. Incorporating LDPC coding added 3dB to link budget, while 256-bit AES encryption provides security for sensitive data. Antenna options range from 9 inch (23cm) integrated to 3FT (90cm) external versions. 

Flexible Physical Interfaces:

Built-in TDM and LTE CPRI interfaces allow customers use the same radio link to natively carry multi-protocol traffic. 10G SFP+ or 2.5G SFP ports are available so a large single stream of data does not have to be split over many 1G Ethernet ports.  dynamically upon adaptive BW usage patterns. Network operators can then control the traffic patterns without losing link efficiency. 

Flexible Dual Radio Configuration::

1+1 and 2+0 modes are available for added reliability or doubling of data capacity. The XIP feature insures dual stream deliveries without signal interference. 

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