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Precise Packet Scheduler:

Solectek GMAC protocol allows a base station to control packet deliveries to sub stations in a precise manner. Based on predefined time slots (TDMA), GMAC eliminates packet contentions that severely degrade performance in dense, heavy traffic networks. 

GPS Synchronization:

At times, network operators will need to co-locate many PTP radio links at a hub site. Built-in GPS allows coordination of Tx/Rx time slots among many radio units. The net result is that you can build a very larger capacity at the hub site for bandwidth hungry applications like video surveillance. 

RF Link Reliability:

Proprietary ACM, optimized for outdoor radio links, increase the uptime even in severe RF conditions. ATPC keeps the Tx power at the optimum power so that any excess Tx does not cause RF interference. Lower Tx power also keeps the power consumption lower and increases radio lifetime.

Bandwidth Management and QoS:

It is essential for ISPs to control data traffic to subscribers. Solectek GMAC contains BW throttling so as to limit data to a capped rate and CIR (committed info rate) to insure dedicated BW delivery. QoS further allows prioritization of real-time traffic such as voice and streaming video.  

WiFi - Access Point and Radio GUI Access :

User interface can be conveniently access from a phone or tablet over WiFi instead of cumbersome Ethernet cables, both on the benchtop or during field operation. Optionally, an integrated 11n WiFi access point can provide easy connection to mobile devices.

Long Distance Throughput Optimizer::

5GHz radios are often hampered by delays associated with acknowledgement from the remote radio. Longer distance links are affected more and the throughput degrades as a result. Solectek radio optimization includes minimizing radio acknowledgement and preservation of throughput out to very long distances. 

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