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    31 / 38-40 GHz Multipoint


    Today's edge networks require ever higher speed combined with utmost reliability. 30/40 GHz licensed frequency band provides interference free connectivity and a large bandwidth (~ 1 to 2 GHz) for delivering high speed to many subscribers.  

    Multipoint Efficiency:

    Packet scheduler combined with BW management gives the operator precise control of packet delivery to each subscriber, while minimizing system overhead even for dense network deployments.  

    Frequency Reuse (Co-Channel, Overlap Channel):

    System RF design allows for co-channel or overlap channel deployments in close proximity at the same tower.  This means that you can increase site capacity multi-folds of a single channel by deployment multiple sectors. 

    High-Gain, Small Form Factor:

    The dual-pol CPE antenna is small (1FT) but packs high gain at 38dBi with a narrow beam. Combined with a high-gain base sector antenna (23dBi), the high system gain allows up to 4 miles (6.4km) coverage radius.