Solectek’s fixed broadband wireless systems are the perfect connectivity solution for businesses and private organizations needing to securely communicate between multiple buildings. Our point-to-point and multi-point radios are successfully deployed in over 90 countries by companies that understand the benefits of owning and controlling their own private network. Our turn-key solutions are currently in use by businesses, hospitals and other organizations with campus or multi-site building communication needs — from standard internet access to VoIP to video surveillance. In addition to these applications, Solectek radios are in use in mines, on oil platforms and in other industrial settings where the reliability and performance of a wireless communication system can help enhance the safety of workers. In these demanding and dangerous environments, customers turn to Solectek.

Benefits of using Solectek fixed broadband wireless:

  • Highly secure communications between buildings. Solectek uses 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for maximum security. AES is a NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) standard cryptographic cipher. Unlike some competitors using software-based encryption, Solectek’s AES implementation operates at full line speed; a portion of a processor is 100% dedicated to encryption. The result is highly secure communications that won’t slow down your network. The bottom line is that the only truly secure network is one that your organization owns and controls. If your network traffic is currently shared with other organizations, it is far more susceptible to data theft. If there is a need to protect sensitive information, from customer transactions to medical records, security is essential. As evidenced by frequent reports in the news, stolen customer information is increasingly becoming a major problem and liability. A secure private network from Solectek can help address this challenge.
  • Low deployment cost. There’s simply no easier method for installing a high speed network. When compared to the cost of labor and hardware for ‘wired’ solutions, the ROI for broadband wireless is clearly superior. Solectek’s products are engineered for maximum reliability and high value. Our network engine, digital baseband, radio and antenna are combined into a single, weatherized outdoor chassis, complete with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. Nothing could be simpler and easier.
  • Fast deployment. Only wireless broadband can enable an enterprise to quickly deploy a private high speed network without trenching for cables or other major construction delays. This is one reason why Solectek’s platforms are used around the world in settings where the network must be up in days, not weeks or months.