SkyWay Excel Series
5.8 GHz MIMO 100 Mbps Throughput Link
Technology Summary

The SkyWay Excel Series, Solectek’s third-generation 5.8 GHz Broadband wireless product line, represents a quantum leap forward in meeting the ever-increasing needs for backhaul capacity across unlicensed spectrum.

Outperforming others in the market, the Excel Series is capable of delivering a full 100Mbps of usable throughput at long range. This extraordinary capability is possible through the use of an outdoor grade, 2x2 MIMO (multiple input, multiple out) radio system.

The RF packet transport of the Excel Series is optimized for high capacity links and is capable of preserving the maximum amount of throughput at long distances. Tuned frame aggregation in conjunction with Solectek’s HyperARQ™ intelligent packet retransmission makes the most of the Excel MIMO architecture and the limited spectrum.

Quality of Service (QoS) features within the SkyWay Excel architecture allow tagged voice and video traffic to take priority over general data packet transfer, providing reliable, real-time capability even under congested link conditions. Priority privileges for marked frames are maintained from port to port: Ethernet through RF.

With security remaining a key consideration in many applications, the SkyWay Excel Series delivers 128 bit AES encryption / decryption. The AES algorithm was selected to be the standard encryption method of the US Government by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In addition, the Excel Series provides up to two levels of AAA protection through the configurable use of 802.1x/Radius and RF MAC authentication.

The Excel Series PTP kits are available with integrated 23 dBi antennas, external 29 dBi antennas, or connectorized with dual N-type RF connectors.

SkyWay Excel Series
PTP Backhaul
PTP Applications
  • Wireless carrier / ISP backhaul
  • Metro/Core backbone
  • Emergency / disaster recovery
  • Video/ Surveillance backhaul
  • Other Ethernet data transport applications