SkyWay 5000 Series
5.8GHz High-Power Bridge/Router Family
Technology Summary

Following Solectek's tradition in long distance wireless networking, Solectek's SkyWay 5000 Series improves upon the successful 2.4GHz SkyWay Series products with a new, cleaner 5.8GHz frequency band product line and even faster data rates.

High Data Rate, High Capacity
With data rates up to 72 Mbps, SkyWay 5000 delivers more data capacity per sector than ever before. With such capacity, users can now download large data files, high-resolution images, video clips, and MP3 files within a matter of seconds. Even streaming multimedia can now be delivered seamlessly.

OFDM Technology
The introduction of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology brings a wealth of benefits: An increased spectral efficiency means higher data rates up while still providing multiple, non-overlapping channels. Carriers and ISP’s have plenty of capacity for a large number of subscribers with a single base station. OFDM is also much more immune to multi-path problems and resistant to potential interference.

Ultra High Power Radio
With its 400mW output radio, the SkyWay 5000 Series will extend the 5.8GHz ranges to unprecedented distances, especially for multipoint networks. Even for shorter distances, the extra link margin gained from the higher power transmitter will maintain connections more reliably, even in RF congested areas.

Ease of Installation
The SkyWay 5000 Series is fully integrated: Digital baseband, radio and antenna are all combined into a single, weatherized outdoor system, complete with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. This product can be installed at any convenient outdoor location without worrying about cabling difficulties. Inexpensive Ethernet CAT5 (up to 300 feet) is all that is required for connecting your indoor network switch.

Non Line-of-Sight Networking
The powerful combination of multipath-resistant OFDM and high-power radio allows the SkyWay 5000 achieve near or non-line-of-sight (NLOS) links. This relaxes the stringent installation requirement associated with 2.4GHz spread spectrum equipment and improves RF link robustness. Subscriber units can now be placed at more convenient locations and planning you network is easier than ever.

SkyWay 5000 Base Station