SkyWay-EM: 6-11 GHz

Product Description

The SkyWay EM Series is designed to complete Solectek's licensed microwave product portfolio for the long-haul, high-capacity backbone application with Tx power output to industry-leading 35.5 dBm at 6 GHz.

With all indoor active electronics modules, on-going maintenance will be easy and cost effective. There is no costly and time consuming tower climb need for repair work or product upgrade. All equipment is rack-mounted for easy replacement.

By using branching units (BU) that are built into each RFU, up to four transceiver units can share a single waveguide and antenna installation. This is highly advantageous because in long-haul applications, antenna/waveguide cost and installations carry significantly more costs than shorter-hop edge links.

In addition, highly efficient branching units use the combination of circulators and filters to provide ample isolation among the channels. This integrated system approach eliminates the guesswork involved in aggregating multiple links at the same installation site.

The radio transceiver allows for one type for each frequency band and the channel selection can be programmed in the field. The Tx and Rx channel centers can be independently assigned. Likewise, the SPU is also based on modular cards, which can be independently replaced or upgraded in the field. This modular RFU/SPU design makes local sparing of individual component much easier and cost-effective.

Feature Summary

  • Class leading Tx/Rx Link Budget
  • Power, Power and more Power
  • Integrated Branching Unit
  • Flexible Channel Plan
  • 1+1 hot standby option
  • Flexible modem configuration
  • Flexible Deployment Configurations and Applications
  • Easy and Lower-Cost Maintenance WITHOUT Tower Climbs
  • Modular Design for both RFU and SPU
  • Scalability and Future Proof
  • XPIC Support
  • Solectek SkyWay-EMS System Support.