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Solectek Enhances its Long-Range, 5 GHz Wireless Product Line with Introduction of the SkyWay® 7000 Broadband Radios
San Diego, California, August 11th, 2005

Building on the success of the 5000 Series, Solectek today introduces the SkyWay 7000 Series wireless bridge/router product family. The SkyWay 7000 incorporates the latest Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology and operates at data rates to 108Mbps in the 5.8GHz UNII band.

Products in the SkyWay 7000 Series feature an improved OFDM processor which allows ultra high data rates - over 100 Mbps. “Typical systems with such high data rates are usually limited to short distances, but Solectek’s high power, 400 mW radio extends this range to 5 miles,” states David Gell, Vice President of Engineering at Solectek. “Solectek’s 7000 series is the only cost-effective solution that can claim 100+ Mbps data rates at meaningful distances. This is achieved with a compact, 1.5 foot antenna that can be mounted virtually anywhere.”

Another major feature of the 7000 series is the Quality-of-Service (QoS) capability. “Our customer’s IP networks are rapidly expanding to carry real-time data. Wireless systems already carry VoIP traffic and are now beginning to transport streaming video, particularly in the area of video surveillance and monitoring applications,” says Dr. Eric Lee, CEO of Solectek. The QoS features of the 7000 Series rely on service level tagging of the IP and Ethernet frames. Internal inspection of these tags allows real-time traffic to be prioritized for seamless delivery across the RF network.

The 7000 wireless system, which includes the host processor, baseband system, radio, and antenna, is housed in a single, light-weight outdoor enclosure to facilitate ease of installation. A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) system simplifies cabling requirements and eliminates the need for lossy and cumbersome RF cables.

The 7000 product line contains field proven technology and is ready for commercial deployment today. “We believe the SkyWay 7000 system establishes a new, high water mark for price/performance in a broadband wireless radio system,” summarizes David Gell. “And we’re looking forward to working with our customers and partners on a successful rollout.”

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